Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Jaxon Chad

Jax in the toddler part of Chucky Cheese
We had a great time crawling around in the kiddie tubes

This was the token Chucky Cheese character

Jax had fun destroying his cake

I purposefully didn't put frosting on...but he still managed to get pretty dirty

Braydon with his Christmas inspired cake

Jax with his favorite birthday toy and with his favorite cousins Tyler, Quincy, Caden, and Branson

We celebrated Jaxon's 1st birthday last Saturday on the 24th and it was definitely a celebration to remember. Jax's cousin Braydon also had a birthday and he decided that he really wanted to go to Chucky Cheese to celebrate. Since the entire family was going to be there anyway, we decided to combine the parties together. Jax couldn't play the games his cousins were playing, but he LOVED the toddler section. Every time we moved him to a different play area he would cry and scream until he became enamored with the next attraction. One thing I was disappointed in though is that they had completely changed the format of Chucky Cheese. When I was a kiddo they had the big stage with the animatronic characters that put on quite the concert. Now, at least at the Chucky Cheese we visited, have completely done away with the stage show. There was a animatronic Chucky (the mouse... not the horror doll) in some dark corner of the place, but he just didn't capture the spirit of Chucky Cheese to me. Some things about the place never change though. For instance, it still takes about 100 tickets to earn something stupid like a piece of taffy. My nephews played hard for hours (and their parents spent loads of money) and all they had to show for it at the end of the day was a sucker or an airhead candy. No wonder that place is still in business.

After totally exhausting ourselves at Chucky Cheese, we went back to my house for birthday cake. Jaxon's favorite thing in the world is a wheel. Whenever he finds a wheel to spin he will literally sit for 20 minutes at a time and watch it spin. So, I made him a birthday cupcake shaped like a wheel. (Actually, a it was a very easy design) :) Braydon's cake required a bit more work. He really likes Christmas (when I say "really likes" I mean it. That boy has been planning a Christmas pageant since last January. He has been doing chores all summer to earn money to buy decorations for his big show) so we decided to make him a cake in the shape of a Christmas tree. The creation of the Christmas tree was a combined effort. I baked the cake, Chad carved it, and our nephew Branson did most of the frosting and decorating. All and all, I think it was a huge success.

We sang to Jax first and he was totally enthralled by the fire on his birthday candle. (Do I have a future pyro on my hands?) Once the singing was done, we took out the candle and scooted the cupcake over to him. At first all he did was look at it. Then, slowly, he gingerly poked it with his little finger. He looked at his finger, then looked towards us. We all cheered our approval. He broke into a smile, and then launched himself at the cupcake. I'm not sure how much of the cake actually ended up in his mouth, but he did succeed in completely smashing it to pieces. He loved the few pieces that did end up in his mouth, and it was apparent that the sugar had a fast effect on him. His little feet were kicking out of control as he sat in his high chair. Chad and I decided that it was a good thing we hadn't given him sugar up to that point before.

Opening presents was also pretty entertaining. Jaxon's favorite toy was a little turquoise ball. He screeched with joy as he played with it (and he has continued to do so throughout the week.) He didn't pay any attention to his other gifts (except for the wrapping paper they came in), but I think he will like them more and more as the weeks go by. All and all, it was a lovely first birthday for our little boy.