Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Jaxon's first haircut

This was my initial view of the haircut from the shower.
Jax really loves to sit in the sink. Both Chad and Jax had a good time with this new adventure.

Well, we will get this part right next time...

Baby Mullet be gone!

The end product was pretty cute...or maybe Jax is just cute...

A few weeks ago I was in the shower and I heard some snip snipping coming from outside the curtain. When I peeked out, I saw Jax sitting in the sink while Chad expertly trimmed his "baby mullet" as we affectionately called his pre-cut look. Jax did great during the haircut. He mainly focused on putting all three of our toothbrushes in his mouth and scattering the baby fine hair all over the counter. But at least he wasn't too wiggly. The end product was very cute. As his hair dried though, we saw that the hair around his right ear had been cut WAY too high. So he is a little uneven... but hair grows and we think he is too young to have any self-esteem issues about his first cut.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Paint By Numbers...Or Not...

At first Jax needed a little help to get into painting...
Then he didn't need any help at all!

He progressively got dirtier and dirtier as the painting was created.

Our finished product was a beautiful painting and a beautiful painted boy

A close-up of the painting

Last Monday we painted a picture for Family Home Evening. We have been meaning to paint this picture for my parent's new guest bedroom for nearly a year now, but we've never known what to paint. Chad had the brilliant idea to just put some paint on a plate and let Jax go wild... and so we did. It ended up being a very fun and messy night. I like Jaxon's picture so much though that I hate to give it away. I think we are just going to have to do this activity again so I can get a Jaxon original in my house.

Family Photos

Jax with his GG and Pops
I really love this picture of my two boys

I think Jax sort of looks like a cupie doll in this picture

The Daybell kids photo

Our little family... notice Jaxon's small horn in this picture....

We love to take pictures of Jax, but we've begun to realize that we are appearing in fewer and fewer shots. In an attempt to regain our identity without compromising our new found love of taking pictures of our boy, we decided to get family photos! Last time we were in Utah, dad took us to some pretty spots to get our pictures taken. My brother Paul and his wife also joined us in some of the pictures. All and all, I think they turned out really nice. Thanks Pops!!