Sunday, November 14, 2010

Family Pictures

Our friend Felicia Bates took these pictures and I am so pleased with them. Thanks Felicia!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Turning Two

On October 24th, Jaxon officially turned two. He had a great day full of food, fun, and presents. He had a birthday party with his little friends at McDonalds where everyone ate chicken nuggets and cupcakes. His favorite present was his Cozy Coupe which he now sits in whenever he watches Barney. I made him a frog cake for his birthday that was turning out to be really cute until the kitchen became hot, and the top tier decided to slip right off the bottom... it was a minor mishap but the cake tasted great.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Our photographer Felicia did a great job of editing out Jax's milk drool... now it just looks like he has shiny lips..
Jax had a really hard time keeping his hood on. Chad had to hold his hands to keep him from pulling it off.

At the ward Halloween party. Jax is a dragon, I am an anime character, and Chad... well, I'm not sure what Chad is...

I love those little wings...

Team Boo: Chad, Damen, and Dallin served pumpkin soup with pumpkin tea

Team Spider Web: Kathy, Branson, and Caden made an excellent pumpkin stuffing

Team Eye of Newt: Kara, Janelle, and Quincy made pumpkin muffins using only the items they had in food storage

Team Rusty Chainsaw: Dirk, Tyler, and Logan made pumpkin in a can bread which was beautifully wrapped. We decided that their team won "Most Likely to Be Given Away in Relief Society"

Team Scream: Megan, Justin, and Jax won the contest with their pumpkin trifle.

Team Monster Mash: Lane, Alec, and Madison made a pumpkin dip and presented their dish using strobe lights and a fog machine
We had a great Halloween this year. Jax dressed as the cutest dragon I have ever seen. He enjoyed the costume, but really had a hard time keeping his hat on. On Halloween night, we celebrated by having an Iron Chef America inspired "Battle Pumpkin." We separated into six teams and then randomly assigned the nieces and nephews to each team. Everyone was tasked with bringing a pumpkin inspired dish to the Halloween party and we would eat them for our meal. I figured we would just be having a bunch of desserts for dinner, but everyone was very creative in their dishes. Brett and Jacquline were the judges of the night and after everyone had a chance to present their dish, the judges decided that Team Scream (with Justin and I) won the best pumpkin dish of the evening with our Pumpkin Trifle. Our prize was movie tickets which we used to see the movie RED. It was a super fun night.