Friday, February 27, 2009

Chad's favorite photo

Jaxon has really been exploring with his hands lately and grabs onto almost anything he can. Today's choice: Dad's nose. While Jax was sleeping on his dad's chest, his hand mysteriously wound up holding Chad's nose. He kept it there throughout his nap. Good thing Chad didn't have to sneeze...

On the mend

Jax's new favorite seat... discovered by his father

The nebulizer has a Binky attachment that makes the breathing treatment a snap! There is a little hole in the top of the Binky where the medicine comes out and goes into his nose.

We do this every night before bed. Jaxon has started to help me hold on to the machine.

This week has been SOOO much better than last week. On Tuesday Jaxon started showing signs of improvement and has steadily gotten better every day. Today I only heard him cough twice. His energy is back as is his appetite...I forgot how much that boy likes to eat! We still need to give him the nebulizer at night before bed, but other than that everything seems to be getting back to normal. Whew.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

RSV is NO fun!

Last Monday Jax woke up with a cough and had trouble eating all day. We thought he might have an ear infection, so we decided to take him in to the doctor to get him checked out. After the doctor gave him a thorough once over, he diagnosed him as having an upper respiratory infection. However, he wanted to run a check for RSV "just in case." They conduct the test by putting a little swab up the baby's nose. Jaxon HATED it!! I've heard my baby scream before, but never like that. It turns out that Jax did in fact have RSV. The doctor explained to us that RSV is like a cold on steroids, and he told us that Jax would probably be contagious for 3 to 4 weeks... The really sad part is that there really isn't too much you can give a baby with RSV. He is on a nebulizer to help him with his breathing, but other than that it is pretty much up to Jax to fight this on his own.

We are now into day six of having a sick baby, and it has not been fun. Jaxon is a super trooper and has maintained his sweet nature and smiles throughout the yucky coughs, stuffed up nose, and the dreaded bulb syringe used to suck out his nose several times a day (Poor guy, he starts crying when he even sees the bulb syringe). It has also been hard because we have tried to keep him in a humidified room as much as possible. We set up a T.V. in our bedroom and have a radio in their to aid us in finding something to do during the day. We have also taken a few steps backward in the sleep arena. Jaxon was finally able to go down for naps and give us some time to get things done. Now, he wants to be held all time and especially when he is sleeping. I can understand why, whenever we put him down he starts to cough and wakes himself up. Hopefully we can get back on track once he feels better again.

I think Jax has made it over the hump and that he will start to get better this week. We'll keep everyone posted!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Vicki's 8

8 TV Shows or Movies I watch regularly
1. The Office. I can't say enough good things about this show!
2. American Idol. I discovered I really like this show when you can cutt out all the crap... thank you T-Vo.
3. So You Think You Can Dance. I look forward to this one all year long.
4. Lost. Although I'm a little disenchanted by this one lately. I mostly just watch this because of Chad.
5. Pushing Daisies. We discovered this one right before it was canceled. Dang it!
6. Ace of Cakes. I love this cake decorating show and dream that someday I could make a cake look that cool...
7. HDTV. I watch this chanel whenever I am feeding Jaxon. It's nice because I don't have to acutally pay too close attention.
8. Forensic Files on True TV. Chad loves this show and it takes up most of our space on the T-Vo. I do not watch this show on my own, however.

8 Things that happened yesterday.
1. Jaxon slept for 12 hours! I woke up excited, then nervous, then I got excited again after I checked on him.
2. Went to work and had clinical staffings. During the meeting we staffed a kiddo who has a possible Asburgers diagnosis. Throughout the discussion, I learned that many of these kiddos fixate on colors... it was good stuff.
3. Picked Jaxon up from the sitters, and saw him interacting with her 5 month old granddaughter. She would goo and then he would goo in reply. SOO Cute!
4. Talked to my friend Jess who is going to have a baby anyday now... I'm so excited for her!
5. Chad came home early from work because he didn't feel well. I was sad that he was sick, but still so happy to see him 5 hours earlier.
6. Went to Costco to pick up some pictures of Jaxon. Opening up the photo envelope was my favorite part of the day.
7. Fed Jaxon every 2 1/2 to 3 hours, and helped him take a nap in between that time as well. He keeps me busy for sure!
8. Had a chance to spend time with Chad after Jaxon went to bed.

8 Favorite places to EAT
1. Thai Bamboo (Love that Thai Food)
2. The Bombay House (A great Indian resturant in Salt Lake and Provo)
3. The White House Grill (It is a Italian/Greek place with TONS of garlic. We have a rule in our house that we can only go to this resturant together. If only one spouse goes the other has to smell garlic coming off them for two days...not pretty.)
4. Red Lobster (I love those garlic cheese biscuts!)
5. Qudoba (It's a burrito chain in Northern Idaho...soo good.)
6. P.F. Changs
7. Arby's (my go to fast food joint)
8. Wherever we happen to be going for Random Day (Each month we randomly select a resturant we haven't gone to and go with our is such a fun tradition that it almost doesn't matter where we eat.)

8 People I tag.. lucky you..
1. Woggs and Alison
2. Chad
3. Emily
4. Robyn
5. Jessica and Justin
6. Akeey
7. Karen and Trevor
8. Cassie