Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Horray for Nursery!

A few of Jax's 18 month pictures

It is official, Jaxon has reached 18 months... happiest part about that- he gets to go to nursery! Jax has gone to nursery now two times, and so far so good. He loves playing with the other kids, and he especially loves the bubble machine. Our favorite part about it is that it distracts him enough to make it through church. We are in the 11-2 block which is right during his nap time. Before nursery, he would get so cranky during the last two hours. Now he is distracted enough to make it through, and has crashed once we make it home. So far either Chad and I have been in there with him, we'll see if he continues to love it once we start going to our own classes...