Saturday, May 23, 2009

Learning to Sleep

This shot was taken on a night when we got home late. Jax couldn't even make it through his bottle before falling fast asleep.
Jax had fallen asleep in his car seat and fell asleep again against my cheek as I took him up to bed.

Throughout Jaxon's life he has struggled with taking naps. He has been a good nighttime sleeper since about 3 months, but he could never quite get the hang of naps. When he was a newborn I would spend sometimes an hour trying to get him to sleep. When I finally got him down, he would sleep for twenty minutes tops before waking up again. Needless to say, I didn't get a lot done. From age 4 to 6 months, he started going down in his crib after only ten or fifteen minutes of pre-nap prep and would sleep for over thirty minutes. (I thought I was in heaven!) Then last week out of nowhere, he suddenly started to fall asleep on his own. I now can lay him in his crib when he is completely awake and he falls asleep on his own. No tears, no fuss, and he sleeps over an hour!!! I have no idea what has happened to my son, but I'll take it!

Sign Language Class

Jax went swinging for the first time today. He enjoyed it, but was unsure at first.

Jax with his sign language teacher and classmates. It was a super fun class!

For the past month we have taken a baby sign language class with Jax. We've learned how to sign about food, sleeping, diapers, and animals. Today was our last day and we went to the park to learn about park things. The class has been really fun and although Jax has yet to actually sign, it has been awesome to have a set period of time to simply devote to him. He is completely entertained by our silly songs and even sillier attempts to sign while we sing. I think Chad missed his true calling in life which is to be a children's t.v. personality. He kept all the babies entertained in the class.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Family Fun Jar

Jax posing with the "Family Fun Jar"

A few weeks ago, Chad and I decided to revamp Family Home Evening. We have never been very consistent, and we decided it was time to change. To aid us in our transition, we put together a "Family Fun Jar" which contains 30 or so activities. Each Monday we pull from the jar and have a randomly selected activity for the next week. The person who chooses the activity is in charge of planning it and the other person is in charge of a short lesson. So far, so good! It makes actually having Family Home easier to have when it is already planned for us.

Sitting Up

Jax has reached a new milestone... he can now sit up all by himself! The length of actual sitting up time various from hour to hour depending on how tired he is. If he is feeling groggy, there will be NO sitting. However, sometimes he can sit by himself for minutes at a time with no assistance at all. I'm going to enjoy this active, but still immobile phase for as long as I can...