Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Eating Solids

This picture doesn't really look like Jax, but it is cute all the same
This was taken before it got really messy

He sure enjoyed himself

This is Jax and his first bite

Last Saturday we brought out the video camera for a big event...Jaxon started eating solids! The word "solid" in this context is relative because his "solid" cereal was really just watery mush to everyone with teeth. Most of the cereal ended up on his chin and shirt, but it was fun to try it out. We're now on day three and he is much more proficient at eating his cereal. Another day, another milestone...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

High Chair Fun

Jax was all smiles in his new high chair
We named the two new toys on his tray "Hershey" and "Artemis"

This is probably the cleanest he will ever be sitting in this chair again

This week we finally put together Jax's high chair in anticipation for him beginning solid food. We've been letting him sit in the chair while we eat dinner or play card games so he can feel more like he is apart of the situation. So far, so good. His GG and Papa are coming up for a visit next week and we are saving actually starting him on solid foods until their arrival so they can be apart of this milestone. I'm guessing it is going to be a messy time. We'll take pictures...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wet Willy, In Cake Form

Jaxon's reaction to the cake...
Wet Willy in cake form

One Sunday our nephew Branson turned nine and I volunteered to make the cake for his birthday celebration. In a previous post I wrote about my love for the T.V. show Ace of Cakes and how I am absolutely fascinated by cake decorating. So on Sunday I decided to try my own hand at making a cool cake. Branson had a pet fish named Wet Willy who died recently, so I decided to pay homage to the fish and make a cake after his image. The result was pretty armature, but I was pleased. I'm already thinking of cakes to make in the future!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Jaxon's latest

Jax in his frog jumper... It keeps him a busy boy. Translation: Mom's favorite toy!

Jax has developed several new tricks these past few weeks that are keeping us laughing almost constantly. The first trick: Jax will smile whenever we stick our tongue out and make a "blghhh" sound. So pretty much Chad and I spend our day making fart sounds with our tongue. We look ridiculous, but it's worth it. I think Jaxon is well on his way to becoming a true boy and enjoying fart jokes.

Trick two: The Tickle Grunt. Jax has yet to truely giggle. However, he has taken to grunting whenever we tickle him. It's pretty cute, and a little wierd... He also does a horse neigh that is spot on. I'm not sure what it means when he does it, but he seems to enjoy himself.

And finally, the third trick: Raspberries. That's right, Jaxon has learned to do raspberries with his mouth. We pretty much hear him doing it all the time. In fact, I just now heard him do it over the baby monitor. I guess he just woke up... This boy is changing every day.

March Snow and Sprained Ankles

It's hard to see the swelling in this picture, but Chad pretty much has a cankle. Very nice...

Although we are well into March, old man winter is still alive and well in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Last Sunday we woke up to a few inches of snow in our driveway and slick roads. Chad went out early in the morning and ended up slipping on the ice and hurting his ankle. He went to the emergency room because he heard a loud pop when he fell, and he wasn't sure if he broke it or not. We opted to not take Jax to the ER because we didn't want him around sick people, so Chad make the trek on his own... Nearly three hours after arriving at the ER, he learned that his ankle was sprained and not actually broken. The doctor put him in a brace and wished him well. It has now been four days since the fall and his ankle is still huge and swollen. He reports that it still hurts, but he is learning to deal with the pain better. He is one slow mover, but isn't one to complain about it.