Thursday, April 16, 2009

You got to roll with it...

Here is one of the unused pictures from last week's photo shoot. We got a really cute profile of him smiling, but this "shocked" pose really cracks me up.

Chad and I comment how Jax changes virtually every week. One week he finds blowing raspberries hilarious, the next he is entertained by cooing "ah, ah, ah." This week he has found side sleeping to be the latest rage. Whenever we lay him down he turns immediately on his side and falls asleep. The last few nights he has taken it to a whole new level... midway through the night he continues his roll and ends up on his stomach with his arms pinned beneath him. During the day getting out of this position is no problem, but it becomes a catastrophe when he finds himself on his stomach at night. He actually has a specific, "HELP! I'VE ROLLED OVER AND I CAN'T GET OUT!!!!" scream. We have found it delightful to wake up to in the middle of the night... We think this new little phase is cute, but we're pretty excited for when he learns that he can just roll over and everything will be fine again. It's funny to see how many things he has to learn, and how applying that seemingly simple knowledge will really make a difference in his life. Being a baby is tough work!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

china baby

When I lived in China nearly nine years ago, I often saw little babies wearing beautiful silk outfits. I left without buying one, and kicked myself for nearly two years until I went back to Hong Kong on my mission. This time around, I bought two outfits. One for an infant, and one for a toddler. Let's flash forward about five years... Jax is finally ready to put it on and have his picture taken. It's a cute outfit, but it is absolutely adorable with such a cute boy inside. I'm planning to take a picture of all my babies in it at some point.

Hey Lady, My Bug, My Pearl

Last week was my birthday, and I've been meaning to write about it all week long. Chad has every Monday off, so although my birthday was actually Tuesday, we opted to celebrate it on Monday. Chad asked me to wear a dress to work that day and then picked me up for lunch. We went down to the resort to have lunch at the beautiful restaurant overlooking Lake Coeur d'Alene. When we arrived at the resort, the valets opened my door and said, "Happy Birthday, Mrs. Anderson." When we got up to the restaurant, we were led to a corner table which had a lake view from two sides. A bouquet of flowers was sitting on the table from Chad, and as soon as we sat down he gave me some beautiful jewelry. Needless to say, Chad did a good job...

We had a fabulous lunch and when we were finishing, our waiter brought us out a special cake made out of cotton candy with a scoop of ice cream inside the cake. I'm not much of a cotton candy fan, but it was really cute and we picked at it for awhile. After we had been picking at it for about ten minutes, Chad grabbed a piece and was pulling it into his mouth when I saw something black move. He pulled his hand back and we realized that it was a live beetle scurrying around. At this point, we stopped eating the cake... When the waiter came back to check on us, we showed him the beetle which was still happily scurrying around the cake. The waiter immediately picked up the plate and ran into the kitchen. A few minutes later the chef personally came out and apologized, and said that they would comp our lunch for us. Additionally, he made us a molten lava cake (my favorite) that wasn't even on the menu. All and all, it turned out to be a great lunch! We enjoyed great food, that we didn't have to pay for,and now have a great story to tell. All because of a little beetle. Now we're tempted to bring our own beetle whenever we go out! BYOB. :)