Thursday, January 29, 2009

Welcome Back...

I started back to work Monday morning after nearly four months of maternity leave. I had been dreading this day for nearly four months, but it didn't turn out nearly as bad as I had feared. Stepping back into the Children's Village was really like stepping back home in some ways. I forgot how much I missed adult conversations (however, juvenile those conversations might be sometimes) :) and how much I missed having therapy sessions with my clients. Four of my eleven clients are still at the Village and it was so good to see them again.

What really made the transition easier, however, is how well Jax is handling it all. I have to admit that there is a part of me that sort of wants him to just melt whenever he isn't with his mom...but a bigger part of me is relieved that he does okay all the time. Chad will be staying home with him on Mondays and then he will be at the sitters for only 8 hours throughout the rest of the week. Still a hard transition, but I'm grateful that it has so far seemed to be harder for mom than on Jax.

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Marc Daybell said...

Back into the workforce, huh? Way to go, you little career-woman, you!

Have to admire a new mother who sees the 'bigger picture', and who is willing to take the sometimes more difficult road in order to build a better life for her family!

Sheesh! Did I actually express that? I must have somehow gotten ahold of some estrogen disguised as Viagra...what other explanation could there be?

Jaxon's lucky to have such loving parents, and I'm lucky that you'll both allow me to ramble aimlessly on occasion without notifying the proper authorities.

Keep smilin' - love you guys!


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