Sunday, March 22, 2009

High Chair Fun

Jax was all smiles in his new high chair
We named the two new toys on his tray "Hershey" and "Artemis"

This is probably the cleanest he will ever be sitting in this chair again

This week we finally put together Jax's high chair in anticipation for him beginning solid food. We've been letting him sit in the chair while we eat dinner or play card games so he can feel more like he is apart of the situation. So far, so good. His GG and Papa are coming up for a visit next week and we are saving actually starting him on solid foods until their arrival so they can be apart of this milestone. I'm guessing it is going to be a messy time. We'll take pictures...


Marc Daybell said...

Only 5 1/2 days and we'll be there in beautiful downtown Coeur d'Alene...we're SO excited!

Thanks for holding off on initiating Jaxon to the wonderful world of spoonfed nutrition until we arrive. It's gonna be a GREAT(if somewhat sloppy and messy) time! The camcorder is in the charger even as we speak. That way we can be certain to embarrass Jaxon with home videos of him as a baby when he brings his Junior Prom date to the house for pictures. Does it GET any better?

See you all VERY soon! Love you guys!


Pop - T.O.S.F.G.

Marc Daybell said...


You are the cutest. I can't wait to see you and your mom and dad next Saturday.

You can learn how to play dominoes
when we are up at your place or at least learn how to put them in your mouth.



The Daybells said...

Love those chubby cheeks! And that seemingly baldish head, he really has hair right?! Have fun puting mum and pops to work this weekend, wish we could come too!

oldangelgirl said...

Wow, you're son is so adorable. Seriously. :)

Anonymous said...

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