Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sign Language Class

Jax went swinging for the first time today. He enjoyed it, but was unsure at first.

Jax with his sign language teacher and classmates. It was a super fun class!

For the past month we have taken a baby sign language class with Jax. We've learned how to sign about food, sleeping, diapers, and animals. Today was our last day and we went to the park to learn about park things. The class has been really fun and although Jax has yet to actually sign, it has been awesome to have a set period of time to simply devote to him. He is completely entertained by our silly songs and even sillier attempts to sign while we sing. I think Chad missed his true calling in life which is to be a children's t.v. personality. He kept all the babies entertained in the class.


Shaela said...

HAHAHA!! I can TOTALLY see Chad as one of the Wiggles, lol!! Baby sign is awesome - hope Jax uses some soon! :)

Marc Daybell said...

If Grandpa (not Pops) Daybell sees these pictures of Jax, he's going to try to hook you up with his hairpiece salesman. Apparently Jax and Grandpa (not Pops) share the same genetic male pattern baldness traits.

Luckily for Jax, he's 7 months old while Grandpa (not Pops) is coming on bet is that Jax's hairline begins advancing very shortly - I'm afraid I can't say the same thing about Grandpa (not Pops).

Be sure and let us know when 'The Uncle Chad Hour' debuts on network television this fall! Love you guys!


Pops (not Grandpa)-T.O.S.F.G.