Friday, June 19, 2009

Anniversary Get Away

Jax playing on the floor at our Bed and Breakfast
Jax with his Pops on an old railroad car at the Newport Museum

A picture overlooking the dam, right outside of Newport

Every year we try to go on a little vacation for our anniversary. So far we haven't done anything too fancy, but it is fun to just get away. This year Chad was in charge and he opted to invite my parents to come along too. It was a secret get away and we were all surprised that we ended up in a little bed and bath in Newport, Washington. The town is tiny but beautiful. The bed and bath was nice too. We found out that the owner's son and daughter-in-law actually served their missions with Chad. Small world... no really.
Newport is about 1 1/2 hours away from Coeur d'Alene. We had never been up in that area before and it was fun to see some of the scenic sights of North Idaho and Washington. We stopped by several lakes and saw a big dam as well. It could have been boring, but the company was great and I think everyone involved had a fun time.

The best part of the trip happened in Spirit Lake, Idaho. We had just been down to see Spirit Lake and were getting back onto the main road out of town when we heard a siren behind us. Chad pulled over and an officer got out. He asked Chad if he knew why he had been pulled over, Chad honestly could not answer. The officer said, "You blew past me going 26 miles per hour." (Note the verb in that sentence...) Apparently, the road coming up from the lake has a speed limit of 15 miles per hour. (I've never seen a speed limit that low anywhere). Chad got a $75 dollar ticket for going 26 miles per hour... You got to love small towns!


Shaela said...

oh. my. gosh. I have no other words for that stupid ticket. lol! glad you guys had fun!

Marc Daybell said...

What an incredibly fun time we had with the three of you last week!

As a passenger in the vehicle, I can (and will gladly) testify that the "YOU JUST BLEW BY ME AT 26 MILES PER HOUR!!" admonition truly DID take place. I seriously expected to be a witness to Chad being cuffed and thrown into a paddy wagon. What a reckless and dangerous individual is our son-in-law!

Best of all (and I'm not kidding, I swear!) the patrolman's name badge identified him as Officer Lawless! How appropriate is THAT?

I would have felt more comfortable, though, if Chad hadn't been (loudly) singing the lyrics to 'Little Deuce Coupe':


just before Officer Lawless pulled us over. Oh, well...whatcha gonna do?

Thanks for putting up with us for six whole days...we had the BEST time!

Love you guys!


Pop - T.O.S.F.G.

The Daybells said...

Wow, you guys stayed in true luxury if you got both a bed AND a bath. Usually we just have to bring our own chamber pots.

It does sound like a fun trip and we wish we could have come too. Jax is getting so big.

tandtcarlson said...

what a fun and great tradition to go on an anniversary trip every year... and have i told you that jaxson is the most perfect mix of the two of you? most the time, one parent's features definitely dominate, but not him, he's adorable!

feofaaki ellis said...

hey i am so happy for you guys we sure miss you guys alot

again Happy Anniversary!

Ty and Tammy Carlson said...

Our kids share some of the same clothes! This is lame, but I was suppose to call you, but you changed your number and the last time you called I didn't save it... So call me again sometime when you've got a chance!

Julie in the studio said...

Chad, I would have given you at least a $110 ticket. ($10 for every mile over the limit you were flying.)
Meg. You are quite possibly the cutest little mommy I have ever seen. Miss you!