Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Boy, the Puppy...

Ever since Jax has learned to crawl, he has acted more and more like a puppy dog. We hear him growling often, he puts balls in his mouth, and his favorite thing to do is dig through the trash... (We only allow him to handle the paper trash...what kind of mother do you think I am?) We've always wanted a dog, and his impersonation is very cute. I wonder what kind of animal he will be next week?


Marc Daybell said...

Cutest little puppy I've personally had the pleasure to be acquainted with (with apologies to Sadi-the-wonderdog)!

It's too bad you can't somehow place a recording of Jaxon's various growls on your blog, 'cause there's no way to describe them - a person needs to hear them for the full effect.

Had the best time EVER last weekend with the three of you (not to mention Wog and Alison) home, and can't wait to see you again in mid-September!

Love you guys!


Pop - T.O.S.F.G.

The Daybells said...

Wow, maybe he really is my child. If you will remember at a certain point in my life I did enbody the character 'Skipper the Wonder Dog'. Just promise me that you wont make him do all your household chores for fake 'Skipper Biscuits'.

Melanie S. said...

I know exactly what you are talking about! My puppy is more like a real boy now, but I'm excited to be starting with another baby boy that I am certain will grow into a puppy before he becomes a boy!