Friday, September 4, 2009

Paint By Numbers...Or Not...

At first Jax needed a little help to get into painting...
Then he didn't need any help at all!

He progressively got dirtier and dirtier as the painting was created.

Our finished product was a beautiful painting and a beautiful painted boy

A close-up of the painting

Last Monday we painted a picture for Family Home Evening. We have been meaning to paint this picture for my parent's new guest bedroom for nearly a year now, but we've never known what to paint. Chad had the brilliant idea to just put some paint on a plate and let Jax go wild... and so we did. It ended up being a very fun and messy night. I like Jaxon's picture so much though that I hate to give it away. I think we are just going to have to do this activity again so I can get a Jaxon original in my house.


Marc Daybell said...

Ha, Ha!

We get an original Jaxon in our house, and you don't...Ninner, Ninner, Ninner!

Don't even THINK of attempting to steal that masterpiece, 'cause every blog reader knows it belongs to ME!

Can't wait to see the three of you in a mere 4.5 days...and the original Jaxon BETTER be available!

Love you (but I'm not afraid to resort to violence if necessary to take what's rightfully mine)!


Pop - T.O.S.F.G.


Marc Daybell said...

What a cute boy especially with paint all over him. I can't wait to see the picture in person.



Ty and Tammy Carlson said...

I love the idea! Can I jahp it? So fun! Also, you need to call me, b/c you have a new number and I don't have it saved!

Cristi said...

i love those FHEs where they're still so young it's hard to know what to do! good idea!

TJN said...

megan! what an adorable baby you have!

Melanie S. said...

which one are you gonna hang on the wall? They are both so cute covered in paint!