Thursday, January 21, 2010

5 Minutes in Jaxon's Life

He started out playing on his car. That is a screeching face of joy... he really loves his car.
Next Jax grabbed his next favorite thing, his photo album. It's funny because we have a bunch of albums located in the same place, but he always grabs this one and goes through it.

Next Jax found a car and decided to sit down and spin a wheel for awhile.

When that got boring, he moved over to my shelf where he was able to knock down a few bags of flour.

Then he found some Kix that he had dropped on the floor during dinner. (This is also a new favorite thing. He will pick up a single cereal, look at me, say "Ahh Oh" and drop it on the floor)

This is when Jax discovered my camera as a new toy... we stopped taking pictures at that point.

Jaxon has been walking (and really I should say running because he rarely walks anymore) for about a month now. In addition to being more mobile, he has developed the talent to get into EVERYTHING! I thought he was a busy boy before, but I was wrong... so very very wrong. In an attempt to capture the intrigue and speed that has become Jax, I took my camera and followed him around the house for 5 minutes. I did it National Geographic style- I kept my distance and tried not to interfere with his natural curiosity and movements (except when he tried to pick something out of the garbage and eat it... no picture was taken at that point as I almost dropped the camera to try to stop him.) Within that 5 minute span, he changed activities 6 times and was in 4 different areas of the house... amazing!


Marc Daybell said...

I seriously thought I was viewing a photo spread with accompanying narrative. I was so proud and excited that my darling grandson warranted his own coverage in such a universally respected publication I was bursting with pride.

Then I remembered I was reading your blog...the pride and excitement didn't diminish at all, but I was saddened that the rest of the world may possibly not experience little Jax and his amazing antics.

Fortunately, your blog has a readership that rivals National Geographic, so I guess I don't feel so bad after all.

Handsome little devil, ain't he?



Our Carlson Family said...

It's amazing how fast they move from one 'toy' to the next... He's such a fun little guy!

oldangelgirl said...

What a kid! He's such a good looking child. Keep up the good work!