Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Personal Progress Project...

Most of the grandkids at the wedding
Jax with his GG

The Wedding Cake! The frosting was a little rough, but it tasted great.

I've been in Young Womens now for about two years, and throughout my time I have had the goal to complete Personal Progress again as a leader. Somehow, though, this goal has continuially been pushed back. However, after a wonderful New Beginnings program this past February, I decided that it REALLY was time. I got looking at the book, and discovered that many of the value experiences were things I was already doing (i.e. giving lessons, budgeting, planning meals...). Also, I discovered that I could count several of my bigger goals- baking a wedding cake for Kara and Lane's wedding- as one of my 10 hour projects.

On March 27th, Kara and Lane got married, and I finally finished their wedding cake. It took WAY more than 10 hours by the time all the researching, practicing, and finally implementing took place, but it was actually really fun and I think it made a great wedding present.


Shaela said...

what a beautiful cake! I was a YW leader shortly before my son was born and did the personal progress program as well. I hope it is a wonderful experience for you. :)

Marc Daybell said...

It was great to have you and Jax here last weekend, but we definitely missed Chad...Lane and Kara should get married more often because the occasion allowed us to see you twice in less than two weeks!

Also, as an individual lucky enough to snag a piece of the wedding cake in question, I can testify that it tasted great!

Happy 28th birthday tomorrow! By the way, how is it possible that at age 34, I have a 28 year-old daughter? One of those unfathomable mysteries, I guess...like the pyramids or Sasquatch.

Love you all!


Pop - T.O.S.F.G.

Loumeau Family said...

That is a gorgeous cake! You did such a great job!

oldangelgirl said...

The cake looks amazing!! Well done!

Cristi said...

nice work meg!

anand said...

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