Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Calling All Remedies!

Okay, we're still waiting... in an attempt to fill my time, and in an effort to bring a real gem to the pregnancy world, I am compiling a comprehensive list of Labor Inducing Strategies. I've gathered several already, but am still looking for that one of a kind strategy that will kick me into labor!

Here is the list so far:

-Take a long walk, or if you're feeling extra good, go jogging...
- Eat eggplant
- Watch Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Arc (this one is a personal favorite of mine) :)
- Have sex
- Take pulsatillia (an herb) three times a day
- Eat lasagna
- Eat spicy food
-Walk with one leg on the curb, and another on the street
- Drink caster oil
- Try nipple stimulation to trick the body into thinking you are ready to breast feed
- Walk stairs

All right all you old wives, I'd like to hear some tales! If any of you could add to my list, I would greatly appreciate it. :) Let's see if we can get Baby Jaxon born anytime soon...


the sutton clan said...

okay... being two weeks overdue with Gwen I tried-
the long walk
sex with nipple rubbing (er... who reads this blog???)
eating spicy food and onion rings
caster oil... I really don't recommend this one- the whole concept is to give yourself racking diarreah- which you really don't want to mix with child birth- it's already and painful and awekard enough.
and running up and down stairs. I even went parasailing... nada.
NONE of them worked for me. They induced me and even then my body didn't want to go into labor- a mere 36 hours of struggling to progress Gwen was born. I didn't try getting a blessing. or having my membrane stripped. Trust your body though. It'll all happen soon enough! Don't torture yourself trying to have it come just a couple of day earlier. Good luck!!!!

Cristi said...

Yes, the caster oil is a no go. My sister tried that with terrible intestinal results. I'm not sure how to get the labor going but I always tell my friends to bring stool softener and start taking it soon after the baby is born. The last thing you want right after having a baby and being sore is to have a hard poop! I promise! Also, if you're like me you will be shocked at how painful breast feeding is at first. It does get better and Lansinoh creme helps, too. I was also shocked at how my first one kept me up ALL night for a while. But it gets better, too.

WoggsandMouse said...

Having a "little blessing" is scaring me! Although I read somewhere that some women eat fresh pinapple and it makes them go into labor. Or you could have Chad jump on your belly?! If all else fails... oh well I don't know. Good luck!

Chad and Megs said...

So my mom called this morning and reported she had taken a survey at work to gather information on the subject. The two suggestions that were different from the ones written were: Start pushing (this from a man from Malasyia...I think). The other came from my mom's co-worker Peggy who swears that if you put a freezing cold towel on your belly the baby will move from side to side and decide the only way to get away from the cold is to move down... I'm not sure I'm comfortable with this one...

extremx said...

Okay here is what I tried!
1. I bathed in Ginger. I know crazy but i think it helped. Also, I did the cater oil and went for a very bumpy car ride. My little one came almost 3 weeks early.

Julie in the studio said...

These are all amazing ideas, and I am sure some work, but looking past the eggplant, I have the SUREFIRE WAY TO GET A BABY HERE.
Are you ready? REALLY READY?
O.K. Here it is:

Hurry up, and wait. And I think you are doing a marvelous job, by the way.

Melanie S. said...

Don't you know that you have to get really big and uncomfortable and be really just sick and tired of being pregnant to want to do the next part? Seriously, the more impatient and uncomfortable, the more welcoming the labor PAIN is going to be! Have Fun, and brush your teeth or eat mints before you start pushing so you don't blow stinky breath on everyone when you're pushing. I know, you'd think it wouldn't matter when all "that" is going on, but it's just one of those things that will make you feel less like a circus show!

Plowmanators said...

Jump on a tramp? Or a really good way is to go into labor and delivery and have them put you on plutosin ;)


Julie in the studio said...

Plutosin: A very bad planet.

Pitocin: A very strong labor inducing drug.