Friday, October 17, 2008

Still Waiting!!

This has been a week of waiting and it is driving my nuts! So, Monday we went to the Doctor to have our weekly checkup. She told us that she typically starts checking on women's dilation progress around week 39. However, she stated that she would be willing to check me that day if we were curious. Chad and my eyes locked and in mere nanoseconds we established that YES, we were curious. She went about her business of checking and a few moments later made a "hmmm..." sound. Now, I don't know if you have ever heard the "hmmm..." sound from your doctor, but it made us a little bit anxious to say the least. "Well," she said, "It looks like you are about 70% effaced and dilated to a 3."

I wish I had a camera at this point to capture the look on Chad's face when he heard this news. His eyes became huge (please refer to Chad's individual Phantom of the Opera picture for an example of just how huge Chad's eyes can become.) He happened to be chewing on one of his nails, and his hand froze by his mouth in mid-chew. I think he might have bit down a little too hard when he heard the news because his nail bed was bleeding a little bit when he finally pulled his hand away. (I'm picking on Chad here, only because I didn't actually SEE my face, but I'm sure it was also pretty shocked.) Chad stammered, "A 3... don't you go into the hospital when you're dilated to a 4?!" Our doctor casually informed us that my current situation could mean a variety of things, but that she assummed the baby would probably come before my due date. That was the only thing we needed to hear!

The minute we left the doctor's office I called up mom. She is one of my favorite people to share news with because she just gets so darn excited. It took me a minute to get ahold of her, but once I finally did the pay off was great. There was a mixture of excitment, tears, and anxiousness in her voice as she heard the news, and instantly I could sense that she had already charged head long into what I refer to as her "Bustling, Action Mode." She stated that she had gone into labor within 24 hours of being checked with both my brother and myself. This statement REALLY did me in, and I too began my own personal Bustling Action Mode complete with rapid hand movements and an inability to carry on a conversation because my mind is too busy thinking about all the millions of possibilities I should plan for... Like mother, like daughter.

All day long, Chad and I waited for the first signs of a contraction. Nothing. That night before bed we gave ourselves a pep-talk that this might be the last night in years that we don't have a little one in the house. We fell asleep with dreams of changing diapers and midnight feedings dancing around in our heads. When we awoke, we disappointedly discovered again that NOTHING had happened. Now, it is Friday, and this pattern has continued to repeat itself for the past 5 days. NOTHING!!! It is driving us up the wall! My bustling action mode has turned into lathargic sit still mode, and it is not nearly as exciting. Maybe if we stop expecting that something will happen, it actually might... Like that will be possible... We'll keep everyone posted on the latest comings and goings (but hopefully just the comings) of Jaxon!


Plowmanators said...

Meg! I am so excited I found your blog. I was commenting on Mel's and saw you so I thought I would jump on over. Good luck on your wait! Here is our blog:


WoggsandMouse said...

Wow! How exciting. We can't wait to hear the good news, but as mum told us that things always really happen at night and on weekends when nobody is in the office! So, maybe this weekend is the moment of truth!

bakers dozen said...

Chad and Megan,
The last few weeks of waiting are hard. You can't sleep and every moment Chad is probably waiting by the phone at work and gets anxious every time it rings.Enjoy it though, because it only takes one contraction or one break in the water and then life becomes a whirlwind of excitement. Good luck and have fun with the labor and delivery because after it is done you will want to do it all over again. Trust me. It's exciting and one of the best experiences ever!!

Shaela said...

how exciting!! I remember those days, but it might still be awhile yet - be patient, the "fun" will all start soon enough!! :0)

Cristi said...

You guys are so cute! I was overdue with both my girls so I can relate. With Emma, I actually decided that she was never going to come. I was convinced. But she did of course, and I've forgotten about those miserable last weeks of pregnancy. Good luck! Can't wait to hear when it happens!