Monday, November 3, 2008

10 days old

After Jaxon's first bath

Jaxon has reached ten days old already! And he has changed so much in that short time. It took him a few days to learn how to eat and a few more to sleep in his bassinette for more than a few minutes. By day six Megan and I were up to 2-3 hours of sleep at a time, by working as a team. Now he's beginning to work himself up before bed, needing to be rocked and calmed. He's waking up less at night, sleeping a bit less during the day, and starting to make brief moments of eye contact with us. We've only taken him out of the house 3 times: to the doctor for his circumcision, to Braydon's baptism, and to our friends the Dollahites (they just had a baby, too). Jaxon is very sweet-natured and a natural cuddler. After he gets full on milk, he just kind of collapses over onto whoever is holding him. Dad's favorite time is holding Jaxon on his chest while he sleeps. He's had two baths. And he's only gotten really angry once, when the nurse performed the big c. He was NOT a happy baby for a few minutes. But he's healthy and well and we are completely enamored by this new little world-rocking center of the Anderson universe. Here's some more pictures for everyone to enjoy.

In addition, THANK you so much to those who have sent gifts, brought meals, called to check on us, or sent letters. It is so wonderful to feel the support of loved ones during this time of celebration (and exhaustion). The biggest thanks go to Megan's parents, who are finally grandparents (they've been old for a really long time), for staying with us a week, helping out, and getting to know this sweet little boy.

Dad's favorite time
Somehow even funny-looking babies are sweet-looking...

Dad's off to church. This is Jaxon's Mr. Roar outfit.


Jaxon's glow-in-the-dark skeleton costume and pumpkin hat, as provided by GG and Pops.
Grandma O with Jaxon, Branson, and Braydon

Grandma O's first few mintues with Jaxon
Cousin Braydon
ROAR!Dad's first time using the Moby.
Jaxon's first nap in his little swing thing.
Sweet little boy.
Another bath photo
Our good friends the Coopers in their first visit with Jaxon. That is their son Michael. We want them to play together, but we'll have to refer to them as Jaxon and Michael, not Michael and Jaxon...
Proud Pops
Another picture of Jaxon napping


WoggsandMouse said...

Might I say that Jaxon is just as cute ten days into this world as he was coming in to it. Hopefully that trend continues. It sort of all hit the fan when I hit about twelve! Also, I must say, Dad is looking REALLY old!

justin and jess said...

Wow you guys he is TOO CUTE! Now my parents are the only non-grandparents, but that will only last about 2 more weeks! He is just adorable. Wait is that too girly of a thing to call him? Lets try this, he is just slammin!

emandteem said...

I need to come see little jaxon soon. I just have to get rid of the kiddos and I'll be over. I can't believe how big he is already.

oldangelgirl said...

Oh, sweet! He's so tiny! Precious.

Shaela said...

how adorable! glad you're getting a bit more sleep - hope it keeps improving!

Miranda said...

What an adorable child - and a lucky one at that!

He is perfect :-)

Bethany said...

Congratulations Megan and Chad! He is so cute!