Sunday, November 2, 2008

Baby Nicknames

When Megan and I were dating, we would often call each other crazy nicknames like "Megs" and "Chadders." I know, we like to live dangerously. But the day we got married, with no seeming effort, we lost our names and started calling each other babe, honey, sweetheart, and other cootie-filled terms. It's a rare occasion when I hear my wife call me Chad. It's kind of weird, actually, when that does happen.

So now that Jaxon is 9 days old, we have been calling him all sorts of cutesy names. Megan uses all these darling sobriquets like Honey-Bear (as in "oh, honey bear, don't cry") and Cuddle-Bug (as in "he's such a cuddle-bug!"). My nicknames for him are much cooler. For example, before eats, he does the rooting and sucking reflex stuff and I simply have to call him suck-face. I mean, his face is sucking and there is nothing there! It's not as mean as it sounds. Try it. "Oh, are you hungry little suck-face?" See, it's cute! Megan and her mom do not really approve. I also enjoy the name Mr. Roar. He has a little hat with a lion that says "ROAR!" on it, and that becomes his nickname when he wears the hat. Another that Megan and I agree on is Little Pteradactyl, cause he sounds like one when he gives us his high-pitched screech.

So to summarize: Honey-Bear, Cuddle-Bug, Suck-Face, Mr. Roar, and Little Pteradactyl. Do you have a favorite? Should we continue to expand the list, or just stick to what we've got?

Loving being a parent, Chad


the sutton clan said...

We had some crazy nicknames for Gwen when she was little, as well. I actually outlawed them when she got older so she wouldn't be scarred for life with the nickname of Gwenzilla. But as babies- have fun!

justin and jess said...

I think that Chad's nicknames are more to my liking. I really like suck-face. And that being the case, maybe I should wait a little longer to have a child of my own!!

Manthey Family said...

Definately expand the list! You could include exceptional names such as...."Mantheyriffic" or "whodamantheywannabe" or "you're manthtastic". etc.

Or maybe add highbrow names like "my little picaso" or "all hail the King Jaxon pants".

Or you could go movies/political like the "Jaxonator" or "Jobama"

Or maybe you could go halvsies on certain words like "Jaxtastic" or "Jaxeronium" or "Jaxmungous".

There are so many options and so little time!

By the way...haven't congratulated you guys officially!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!


WoggsandMouse said...

I truly enjoyed the 'suck face' nickname. I am afraid that his dear uncle Woggs will not be able to christen him with a proper nickname until I actually see him. However, I assure you that it is going to be good! Meg, remember when you used to call me'Pee'!....just a heads up, but Jaxon's might be THAT cool!

Shaela said...

I like Mr. Roar. :)

Cristi said...

lol!!! The nick names we have for Emma and Brooke are pretty simple like bubba, cutie, lovey, etc. Maybe I should live more dangerously!