Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Fun

Jax in his favorite monkey hat
Just stretching...

Mom and Dad gave Jax this Triceratops when he was born. He already has started to ride it...with his parents help.

Jax's favorite pose... does he look like a Raptor ready to attack to anyone else? Maybe it is just the red eyes...

So, it has been a little while since our last blog... Jaxon has been keeping us extra busy lately because he has grown into his, "I Don't Want To Be Put Down Even If You Have To Use The Bathroom" phase. The past few weeks I have literally had only about 30 minutes a day to myself. I'll admit, it has been a little frustrating to not be able to put on my pants without my baby shedding tears (that's right! He has developed tears!! It is so sad to see, but we are excited for this latest development.) However, whenever I pick him up again he actually makes a "Ahh," sound that just melts my heart. It is fun to know that he likes spending time with us. :)

We just got back from our Thanksgiving trip down to Shelley to see the grandparents. We stayed with Chad's mom and my parents also came up to spend a few days. The weekend was all about Jaxon, as it should have been, and everyone had a great time fawning over our little boy. It was perfect for him because with four eager grandparents, he literally did not get put down once. Chad said that he was having Jaxon withdrawls because he had so little time to hold him. Jax did a great job with the drive and cried for maybe 40 minutes of the entire 20 hour drive. He is such a sweet baby, and was the smash hit of Thanksgiving. To quote one of my favorite children's books, Where the Wild Things Are, we want to "Eat him up, we love him so!"


WoggsandMouse said...

Oh, where to begin...?

First off, he does officially look like me when he does his "raptor" look. (I can't wait to teach him the other proper techniques of dinosaur impersonation!
Second, I REALLY want that triceratops!! AND Third, is that Jaxon's favorite monkey hat, or ONLY monkey hat?

Love the picks, keep them comin'!

Uncle Woggs

Shaela said...

he's adorable!! oh, I miss that stage, where all they want to do is snuggle. but I don't miss the sleepless nights when, because you aren't holding them, they don't sleep, which means you don't sleep... The days are long but the years are short. I'm glad you had a Happy Thanksgiving - hope you have a Merry Christmas too!!

Victoria said...

So cute, i love seeing the little guy!

Looks like you are having a lot of fun with him - so fun the grandparents got to snuggle and love him, to give you a little rest ;).

Hope you have a lovely rest of the holidays.

Oh my phone got stolen while i was traveling, so i don't have any phone numbers could you either text, call or email me yours (when you get a chance of course :)).