Sunday, February 22, 2009

RSV is NO fun!

Last Monday Jax woke up with a cough and had trouble eating all day. We thought he might have an ear infection, so we decided to take him in to the doctor to get him checked out. After the doctor gave him a thorough once over, he diagnosed him as having an upper respiratory infection. However, he wanted to run a check for RSV "just in case." They conduct the test by putting a little swab up the baby's nose. Jaxon HATED it!! I've heard my baby scream before, but never like that. It turns out that Jax did in fact have RSV. The doctor explained to us that RSV is like a cold on steroids, and he told us that Jax would probably be contagious for 3 to 4 weeks... The really sad part is that there really isn't too much you can give a baby with RSV. He is on a nebulizer to help him with his breathing, but other than that it is pretty much up to Jax to fight this on his own.

We are now into day six of having a sick baby, and it has not been fun. Jaxon is a super trooper and has maintained his sweet nature and smiles throughout the yucky coughs, stuffed up nose, and the dreaded bulb syringe used to suck out his nose several times a day (Poor guy, he starts crying when he even sees the bulb syringe). It has also been hard because we have tried to keep him in a humidified room as much as possible. We set up a T.V. in our bedroom and have a radio in their to aid us in finding something to do during the day. We have also taken a few steps backward in the sleep arena. Jaxon was finally able to go down for naps and give us some time to get things done. Now, he wants to be held all time and especially when he is sleeping. I can understand why, whenever we put him down he starts to cough and wakes himself up. Hopefully we can get back on track once he feels better again.

I think Jax has made it over the hump and that he will start to get better this week. We'll keep everyone posted!


Shaela said...

oh, I'm so sorry Jaxon is so sick!! :( My daughter was in the hospital when she was only 4 weeks old for the same thing. Hope he gets feeling better and that you guys get some rest! *hugs*

Marc Daybell said...

Luckily, little Jax is one tough cookie. We pray for him every day and are certain he'll come through this ordeal with flying colors (it's you two we are the most concerned about)!

Look at this're most likely more than 25% done with 'The RSV Beast'. Big help, huh?

Hang in there! Love you all!


Pop - T.O.S.F.G.

The Daybells said...

We're a bit speechless about Jaxon's bit on our comment board. We'll think about it. With hopes of a non-sick baby for the very near future, have a great week!

Me and my guys said...

Ooo scary. Good thing he isn't super young. I hope you aren't going too crazy. Give him lots of loves.