Friday, February 27, 2009

On the mend

Jax's new favorite seat... discovered by his father

The nebulizer has a Binky attachment that makes the breathing treatment a snap! There is a little hole in the top of the Binky where the medicine comes out and goes into his nose.

We do this every night before bed. Jaxon has started to help me hold on to the machine.

This week has been SOOO much better than last week. On Tuesday Jaxon started showing signs of improvement and has steadily gotten better every day. Today I only heard him cough twice. His energy is back as is his appetite...I forgot how much that boy likes to eat! We still need to give him the nebulizer at night before bed, but other than that everything seems to be getting back to normal. Whew.

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Marc Daybell said...

SO happy to hear that Jax is doing better...may that process continue unabated (today is my day for using at least one word some people might look at say: "Huh?"). I couldn't help but think of Olympian Michael Phelps' recent 'in the news' photo when I first saw the pictures of Jax huffing a bong pipe. Make sure the Feds don't see these pictures, or you might all end up busted (then, of course, you'd have some really cute booking shots to post on your blog).

Finally, the picture of Jax all content and chillin' in the bathroom sink is priceless. Makes you wonder why you spent money on a bassinet when the obvious naptime answer was there in your house all along.

Love you guys!


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