Friday, February 27, 2009

Chad's favorite photo

Jaxon has really been exploring with his hands lately and grabs onto almost anything he can. Today's choice: Dad's nose. While Jax was sleeping on his dad's chest, his hand mysteriously wound up holding Chad's nose. He kept it there throughout his nap. Good thing Chad didn't have to sneeze...


Shaela said...

omgosh... ROFL!!! thanks for the belly exercise. :) cute pic!!

Marc Daybell said...

Best picture EVER! I guess Jax just instinctively latches onto the LARGEST close object for security, huh?

I agree with Meg, though...sneezing during this activity might not be the best thing for either Chad or Jax!

Love you guys!


Pop - T.O.S.F.G.

Cristi said...